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The Journey of Stanley Hydraulic Breakers

When it first entered the market, Stanley hydraulic breakers were made by Sandvik, also known as Rammer. Some of which had mechanical top springs to absorb vibration. After being on the market for some time, Stanley began to manufacture their own hydraulic breakers for skid steers, mini excavators, and backhoes here in the United States. This series of breakers was known as the “MB” series, likely standing for “Mounted Breaker”. The full-size excavator Stanley rock breakers were made elsewhere. Some of the most common models were MB250, MB256, MB356, MB550, MB656, and MB800.  The smaller Stanley breakers used a side-plated design, but the larger ones were sold as a boxed, or silenced design. These hydraulic breakers could be white or black in color, and many of the smaller models used three different diaphragms, one for each nitrogen chamber.

Stanley’s Growth Over Time

The next series was introduced somewhere in the 1990s. The EX and EXS series, which used models such as MB15EX, MB30EX, MB40EX, MB50EX, and through the largest being the MB100EX hydraulic breaker. These Stanley hydraulic hammers were at first orange and black, and then white with yellow decals for the latest MB / EX series. These breakers were made for Stanley in Korea, and used a nitrogen fired design, which utilizes nitrogen in the back head to act as a bowstring. This means there is hydraulic power inside the hoe ram to pull it back. The larger Stanley hydraulic hammer models, like the MB50EX, MB60EX, MB70EX, MB80EX and MB100EX, also used a nitrogen filled accumulator with a diaphragm to absorb spikes coming from the auxiliary hydraulic system of the carrier and redivert some of the energy.  We are not sure who invented this design for hoe rams and rock breakers, but it is used in our Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers, Atlas Copco, Okada, NPK, BTI, Chicago Pneumatic (CP) and others.

Recently Developed Stanley Hydraulic Hammers

Stanley introduced its most recent line of hydraulic breakers around 2014. They re-introduced their MB line, many of which were made in the US, and added their MBX and MB/XP line. The MB line of hoe rams by Stanley mostly appear as a side-plated design for the MB156, MB256, and MB05, but the larger MB556, and MB656 are available in a boxed version. These range from 175 ft lbs to 1,500 ft lbs of impact power and are for 1,500 to 20,000 lb skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes and full sized excavators.  

The MBX series of Stanley hydraulic hammers are also nitrogen fired and feature models like the MBX15, MBX138, MBX208, MBX308, ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 ft lbs of impact power and are for 14,000 to approximately 45,000 lb backhoes and full-sized excavators.

The large series of Stanley breakers is the MB/XP series, which appear only to be available in a boxed design. These are considered to be fully hydraulic hammers.  As such, this design of hoe ram does not use nitrogen to make its power, but instead uses hydraulic power to lift the piston before the strike, and hydraulic power and momentum to bring the piston down on each strike. All fully hydraulic breakers utilize a nitrogen filled accumulator at the top to absorb internal hydraulic spikes. These accumulators have a diaphragm inside, which requires charging and replacement from time to time.  There is no such thing as a permanently sealed hydraulic accumulator, despite marketing material to the contrary.  If it did, the nitrogen accumulators would not have a port or require a charge kit to add nitrogen.  Other fully hydraulic hammer designs are used by Rammer, Tramac, Montabert, Indeco, Sandvik, and early Caterpillars.    

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