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Gorilla, a division of Tech Hydraulics, is a premier US-based supplier of boom mounted demolition attachments including hydraulic hammers (hydraulic breakers) and tool bits. Gorilla is serving primarily US market of hydraulic hammers, but it also has many customers abroad.

Gorilla specializes in sales and service of hydraulic hammers (hydraulic breakers) and heavy demolition tool bits. Do you need accessories for your job like Chisel Paste or an Auto Greaser? No problem! Along with heavy demolition tools and accessories Gorilla also offers hydraulic cylinder rod protectors which significantly increase the life of your hydraulic cylinders. Do you need a Hydraulic (Plumb) Kit for your machine? We can provide you with the kit for virtually any make or model using only premium quality materials.

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To recognize the difficulties faced by professionals working in excavation, quarry, mining, and demolition,  provide them with value-based products of the highest quality that will perform under the harshest field conditions, and support them with a level of service that exceeds their expectations.   

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