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Hydraulic Hammer Greasers & Autogreasers

hydraulic hammer greasers

Gorilla Goo (Chisel Paste)

gorilla gloo- hydraulic hammer lubricantLubricating the demolition tool and wear bushings may be the single most important maintenance item on any make of hydraulic hammer. Extreme temperatures and moment loads dictate the need of a lubricant robust enough not to melt and substantial enough to resist vibrating down the shank of the tool during operation.

To fulfill the above mentioned requirements, Gorilla offers a lubricant called Chisel Paste. Chisel paste is a high temperature, moly-based, open gear type lube. It contains graphite and copper particles to provide superior wear resistance between the tool and wear bushings. This lubricant is designed for use in hammers only, and should not be used on any other type of equipment as damage may result.

  • Formulated for extreme temperatures and applications
  • Available in various quantities and containers

Gorilla Carrier Mounted 24 Volt Auto-Lubrication System

Single-line progressive automated lubrication system for grease and oil.

Most hammers drills require lubrication at least every two hours. Failure to provide adequate lubrication to the tool bushing point(s) can ruin a new hammer in one day. Because our pump can deliver continuous lubrication while the breaker is in operation, the equipment operator can concentrate more on being productive rather than worrying about greasing the hammer. He no longer has to shut the hammer down every couple of hours to grease it. In Gorilla’s Auto-Lubrication System, lubricant can be supplied either manually, with a grease gun, or through a fully automated system using electric or pneumatic pumps and progressive metering valves. More than a drilled manifold block, the SSV metering valve incorporates a series of metering pistons, which accurately dispense lubricant from each outlet. Visual monitoring is provided with an indicator pin, which confirms a valve has completed a full cycle.

  • Designed to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive method of centralizing or automating the lubrication process
  • Electrical pumps are vibration resistant and shock resistant for use on mobile equipment
  • Solid block-type SSV metering valves will not leak under pressure
  • 24 volt models that work with all electrical refills
  • Pumps either NLGI #2 grease or oil to -13°F
  • Can lube up to 300 points and three separate systems
  • Versatile (with or without low-level control, printed circuit boards, microprocessors)
  • Compact design to install in tight spots
  • Clear reservoirs for complete lubricant level visibility
  • Built-in manual override switch

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