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Hydraulic Hammer (Breaker) Rentals

You can rent hydraulic hammers from us ranging from 3,500 ft. lb. to 12,500 ft. lb.


HYUNDAI MD 160LC-3 excavator with 3,500 ft. lb. hydraulic hammer
HYUNDAI MD 210LC-3 excavator with 5,000 ft. lb. hydraulic hammer
HYUNDAI MD 250LC-3 excavator with 6,000 ft. lb. hydraulic hammer
HYUNDAI MD 290LC-3 excavator with 8,000 ft. lb. hydraulic hammer
HYUNDAI MD 450LC-3 excavator with 10,000 ft. lb. hydraulic hammer

All machines are equipped with Gorilla hydraulic rock breakers (hydraulic hammers).

hydraulic breaker going to work breaking stone

All hydraulic hammers for rent have Auto-Lube Systems providing continuous automatic flow of grease to give you higher productivity.

Hydraulic Hammer Rental Contract

Interested in renting one of our quality hydraulic hammers or rock breakers? Be sure to fill out our rental contract PDF to get the process started!

We maintain our own fleet of 15 excavators with hydraulic hammers on them. No one knows hydraulic hammers better then us. We live with them every day. Our experience is unparalleled in the industry. Choose your hammer supplier or servicing company wisely.

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