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Hydraulic Hammer (Breaker) Rentals

At Gorilla, renting excavators equipped with hydraulic hammers is not just another service we provide, but an opportunity for us to showcase our most important product-Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers!  


With each hammer rental, Gorilla provides:  

  • An excavator from our hammer rental fleet that has been optimized to run the breaker at peak efficiency
  • One of our own Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers, typically with less than 100 hours.
  • An honest impact rating on the hydraulic breaker, so you get what you are paying for
  • An excavator/ hydraulic hammer combination that has undergone a complete pre-delivery inspection, including the hydraulic hammer’s nitrogen chambers, its fasteners, and hoses.    
  • A grease gun and specialized chisel paste to make it easy to keep the hydraulic breaker lubricated***
  • Mobile field support from the hammer specialists on our Gorilla Service Team™


We HAVE TO  perform for you!  Our product’s reputation is on the line with each rental

hydraulic hammers
hydraulic breaker going to work breaking stone

Featured Excavator/Hydraulic Hammer Packages  


Komatsu PC228(zero tail-swing) with 6,000 ft lb Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker

Komatsu PC200HD with 6,000 ft lb Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker

Komatsu PC270 with 8,000 ft lb Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker

Komatsu PC350 with 10,000 ft lb Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker

Hitachi EX370 with 12,000 ft lb Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker


– ***The customer is responsible for providing chassis grease and lubricating the carrier itself at all its grease points at manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

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