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Leasing allows you to purchase the equipment you need today while spreading your payments affordably across time. This allows you to reserve your capital for other day-to-day expenses. In addition, because a lease is not considered a long-term debt or liability, it does not appear as debt on your financial statement, thus making you more attractive to traditional lenders when you need them.

Today more than 80% of all U.S. corporations lease or finance all of their equipment. Here we have listed some of the benefits that steer businesses towards equipment financing and leasing as opposed to working with their traditional lender or bank.

Leasing Conserves Capital

Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments. The company has the profit-making equipment immediately and keeps their cash reserve available for re-investment.

Preserves Bank Credit Lines

Leasing does not usually impact the lessee’s credit lines; rather it is like opening an additional line of credit.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Leasing typically requires no down payment. As a result of this 100% financing, cash outlays for equipment acquisitions are significantly lower than bank loans or other similar forms of financing.

Credit Diversification

Leasing compliments existing banking relationships, keeping those available for short-term needs.

Gorilla would like to make things easy and simple for customers who are interested in leasing or financing equipment. We offer flexibility to customers who are looking to purchase equipment without any hassle. Gorilla Hammers can help finance equipment that is valued up to $100,000 just by completing a one-page application. Once your application is received, a financing professional will contact you within 24 hours to go over all the programs that your company can qualify for.


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