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Hydraulic Plumb Kits

Gorilla offers easy-to-install hydraulic plumb kits that allow you to get the most out of your backhoe, mini-excavator, or full-sized excavator crawler. 

If you don’t have piping or a way to direct oil to the end of the stick, you can’t run a hydraulic hammer, breaker, plate compactor, hydraulic shear, hydraulic crusher, muncher, multi-processor, demolition grapple, demolition thumb, or any additional attachments.  All you can do is dig.

Also known as hydraulic plumb kits, wet kits, aux kits, auxiliary circuit kits, and auxiliary hydraulic kits, these two basic types are based on the hydraulic construction or demolition attachment’s requirements.

Your attachment should give you production, versatility and reliability. No attachment can function effectively on a poorly designed hydraulic circuit resulting downtime and weak performance will cause you headaches and cost you money. Get a properly designed custom kit from Gorilla. First class engineering and first class components mean you will get the best return on your attachment investment.


Your kit will be custom-built to get maximum performance from your carrier and attachment. You will like our quality components, fast response, low prices and friendly “can do” service. Call today and put our expertise to work for you!

Hydraulic Plumb Kits for your attachments; Quality Components, Single-Acting, Double-Acting, Dual Purpose

Which Type Of Kit Do I Need?Single-acting for Breakers, Compactors, Rotary Cutters. These attachments process oil
in one direction, and typically require low backpressure on the return line. Our kit typically returns direct to the hydraulic reservoir.

Double-acting for Shears, Crushers, Grapples and Thumbs. These attachments typically utilize a cylinder that must extend and retract. They require a circuit that can route oil bi-directionally.

Dual-Purpose: with the addition of some special valving, we can offer kits that are easily converted from Single to Double-acting, allowing your carrier to operate various attachments, for example, a shear and breaker.

Second Function: We stock special directional valves that make it easy to add more auxiliary circuits to operate, for example, a rotating function on a crusher.

Typical Circuit Components
Heavy-walled (.200″), TIG welded, and pressure tested.Hoses
Premium-quality assemblies – JIC hose ends are commonly available, for easy field replacement, if necessary.Relief Valve
Massive, severe-duty, in-line pilot operated relief valve ensures accurate setting and trouble-free service life.Special Components
Filters, accumulators, directional valves, flow control valves, solenoid valves, 3-way and 4-way ball valves, and other hard to find items are in stock.
Massive cast assemblies that are custom made for severe-duty applications. Solid steel, no rubber or plastic parts to wear out.Ball Valves
Very high pressure ball valves for durability, and easy installation and removal of attachments.Pedal Valve
Proportional valve provides superior “feel” (important on double acting circuits), and is extremely durable and reliable. Electrical connections are eliminated. Joystick or foot switch controls are also available.


IMPORTANT: Running your auxiliary hydraulics or plumb kit in bi-directional mode will overheat your hydraulic hammer, hoe ram, or compactor, causing internal damage.  Running a bi-directional attachment in a single-directional/return-to-tank model will allow for only one function to operate.  Always place your mini-excavator or crawler excavator in the correct mode BEFORE running the attachment!

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