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The Mysteries of Rockram

Rockram hydraulic hammers have been distributed exclusively at auctions throughout the world for over twenty years.   They are typically painted in machine green, and are sold with a very wide top bracket without any excavator pins, as well as with one demolition tool. One search of “Rockram” will reveal just how many of these hydraulic breakers are out there.

The official Rockram hydraulic hammer dealer and parts source remains a mystery. It has been rumored that whoever owns the name, and distributes hydraulic hammers, accepts bids from various manufacturers across the world, and purchases in bulk from the lowest bidder.  

Understanding Rockram Hydraulic Systems

Many of the Rockram hammer models, like the 685, 773, 777, 778, 779, and so on are low backpressure breakers that will only tolerate back pressure and return line pressure of 60 PSI.  Most modern backhoes and excavators generate well over 150 PSI, which results in more heat from the auxiliary hydraulic system of the breaker. This causes the seals in the Rockram hydraulic breaker to fail prematurely. This can be overcome with a larger return line, but most machine operators and owners do not want to go through the time or expense of changing the auxiliary hydraulics. When properly set up, the Rockram hoe ram, or rock breaker, is capable of operating reliably. As most people don’t know about these limitations, or don’t want to change their excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system to accommodate them, they have to install seal kits much more frequently.  The larger models are equipped with mechanical springs at the top to absorb vibration, which need to be replaced regularly.  

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At Gorilla, we have duplicated a lot of the wear parts required to keep the Rockram hydraulic hammers running. Gorilla stocks tie rods, tool retainers, upper and lower bushings, hydraulic hammer parts, seal kits, diaphragms, nitrogen charge kits, demolition tools, and working steel in chisel and moil point to support your Rockram rock breaker. Contact us today to learn more about Rockram or to get started with a hydraulic hammer (888) 814-6745.