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Rebuilt & Remanufactured Breakers Offer a Budget-Minded, Reliable Alternative

Many excavation and demolition contractors can’t justify a new hydraulic breaker purchase. They do not use one daily or have a fellow contractor they can borrow one from. However, what happens when the inconvenience of borrowing becomes too much? The cost of hydraulic hammer rentals rises; you have an upcoming job to justify the purchase, or do you want to put some rock-breaking money into our pocket? Remanufactured or rebuilt hydraulic breakers offer a reliable and budget-minded alternative.

Distinguishing Remanufactured Breakers from Repaired Breakers

remanufactured hydraulic breakersremanufactured hydraulic breakers

Hydraulic breakers that have been “recently serviced”, “recently repaired”, or “resealed” are not re-manufactured. It is all about the process, the tooling, and the experience of the hydraulic hammer specialist.  

A professional rebuild begins with the parts being disassembled and cleaned for inspection. All wear components are measured against the hydraulic breaker’s manufacturer’s specifications, with critical components being magnafluxed features to search for cracks, fissures, or other weak points. Every seal, diaphragm, and all components not meeting standards are replaced with OEM or our OEM quality Gorilla wear parts. The hydraulic hammer is then re-assembled with every fastener torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications using state-of-the-art pneumatic, hydraulic and electric torque instruments. All nitrogen chambers are recharged to factory specifications.  

Finally, the completed power cell/main body is cycle tested to ensure performance before being placed into its frame, protective box, or side plates.  

How Gorilla Hammers Can Assist You With Your Breaker Today

Gorilla makes the rest easy! We set up each re-manufactured breaker with the proper bracket to attach to your skid steer, mini excavator, backhoe, or full-sized excavator/crawler so that there is no fabrication required or fumbling for the correct pins. We’ll even set up the freight to get it to you anywhere in the world and have all the technical assistance you need from our Gorilla Service Team™ to ensure your carrier is providing oil to your Gorilla Re-manufactured Breaker within its specifications.

Each remanufactured or rebuilt Gorilla Hydraulic Breaker is then given a warranty against defects. For more information on how we can be of assistance to you and your breaker, please get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to help! To get started, give us a call at 1 (888) 814-6745 or fill out a contact form on our website today. We hope to hear from you soon.

hydraulic hammers (rock breakers)



  • New tool bit
  • FULL Flow testing of the machine (Who else can claim this?!)
  • FREE mounting of the hammer within 100 miles of our location
  • 60 days warranty (please, see details of warranty below)
ALLIED 805 (15,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 85,000.00
BTI / TELEDYNE 1675 (5,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
BOBCAT MB550 (skidsteer, 550 ft. lb.) $ 4,500.00
CAT 450 (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
INDECO 650 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-6 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-9 (1,500 ft. lb.) $ 9,500.00
KENT 8G (1,200 ft. lb.) $ 8,500.00
KENT 10G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 12G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 50G (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 50,000.00
KENT KF-12 (2,000 ft. lb.) $ 13,500.00
KENT KF-22 (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-35 (6,000 ft. lb) $ 35,000.00
KENT KF-45 (8,000 ft. lb) $ 45,000.00
NPK 3X (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
NPK 7X (2,500 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 15,000.00
NPK 12X (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
NPK E-213 (4,000 ft. lb.) $ 24,000.00
NPK E-225 (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 65,000.00
OKADA 305 (1,250 ft. lb.) $ 7,500.00
ROCKBLASTER RB750G (3,200 ft. lb.) $ 18,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1000G (4,500 ft. lb.) $ 25,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1100 (5,500 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB1500G (8,000 ft. lb.) $ 35,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1800 (8,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB2000 (10,000 ft. lb.) $ 55,000.00
TRAMAC 900 (3,200 ft. lb.) SOLD




If you are not satisfied
we will credit your full purchase
towards a new hammer that we sell

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