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Reconditioned (Rebuilt) Hydraulic Hammers

Rebuilt, refurbished, reconditioned – whatever you call it, you can get from Gorilla a high quality pre-owned (used) hydraulic hammer in a perfect ready-to-work condition, fully inspected, repaired and (ATTENTION! Very Important!) tested to meet manufacturers specifications.Our experienced, highly trained specialists thoroughly inspect used (pre-owned) hydraulic hammers and bring them to a working condition using only premium quality parts and materials. After reconditioning, rebuilt hammers are fully tested on our test stand.

The test stand we designed and built for reconditioned hydraulic hammers is unique in the industry. Very rarely if at all our competition can say that they tested rebuilt hammer.

When hydraulic hammer went trough all the tests it is examined again to reassure that you, our customer, will get from Gorilla only high quality refurbished hydraulic hammers, with a long life and great performance for you. We know that once you got from Gorilla reconditioned hydraulic hammer you will come to us for all your needs for heavy demolition tools whether it is a pre-owned or new hydraulic hammers (breakers) including tool bits for them ( chisels, moil points, blunt tools, etc.), or other boom mounted heavy demolition attachments.

We always have multiple makes and models of fully refurbished and tested pre-owned (used) hydraulic hammers: Allied, Bobcat, BTI / Teledyne, Caterpillar, Indeco, Kent, NPK, Okada, Rammer, RockBlaster, Tramac … Please see below our full list of reconditioned hydraulic hammers!

hydraulic hammers (rock breakers)



  • New tool bit
  • FULL Flow testing of the machine (Who else can claim this?!)
  • FREE mounting of the hammer within 100 miles of our location
  • 60 days warranty (please, see details of warranty below)
ALLIED 805 (15,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 85,000.00
BTI / TELEDYNE 1675 (5,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
BOBCAT MB550 (skidsteer, 550 ft. lb.) $ 4,500.00
CAT 450 (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
INDECO 650 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-6 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-9 (1,500 ft. lb.) $ 9,500.00
KENT 8G (1,200 ft. lb.) $ 8,500.00
KENT 10G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 12G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 50G (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 50,000.00
KENT KF-12 (2,000 ft. lb.) $ 13,500.00
KENT KF-22 (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-35 (6,000 ft. lb) $ 35,000.00
KENT KF-45 (8,000 ft. lb) $ 45,000.00
NPK 3X (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
NPK 7X (2,500 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 15,000.00
NPK 12X (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
NPK E-213 (4,000 ft. lb.) $ 24,000.00
NPK E-225 (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 65,000.00
OKADA 305 (1,250 ft. lb.) $ 7,500.00
ROCKBLASTER RB750G (3,200 ft. lb.) $ 18,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1000G (4,500 ft. lb.) $ 25,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1100 (5,500 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB1500G (8,000 ft. lb.) $ 35,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1800 (8,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB2000 (10,000 ft. lb.) $ 55,000.00
TRAMAC 900 (3,200 ft. lb.) SOLD




If you are not satisfied
we will credit your full purchase
towards a new hammer that we sell

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