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Reconditioned (Rebuilt) Hydraulic Hammers

Gorilla’s Re-manufactured Hydraulic Breakers

Saving you money without sacrificing support!

Tired of chasing parts, a top bracket or even service specs for an unsupported “auction” hydraulic hammer?

The paint is beautiful, but, for the most part, they’re all “show” and no “go”!

Often you invest in a top bracket for your carrier, only to learn the hammer won’t even run or leaks.

Gorilla’s re-manufactured hydraulic breakers are an affordable alternative for the demolition contractor that only uses hammers occasionally, or just wants to save on yearly rentals.

With over 75 years in business, we’ve been repairing all hydraulic hammer makes since they were first introduced.  Performing well over 100 hydraulic breaker repairs and rebuilds per year, we know which ones we can stand behind, and which ones are not worthy of repair.

Rebuilt, refurbished, reconditioned-whatever you call it-Gorilla’s Service Team™ has the highest standards in the hydraulic breaker industry, providing you with a reliable hammer that arrives ready to work.  

What goes into each Gorilla re-manufactured breaker?

  • The breaker or hammer is disassembled and all parts are cleaned for evaluation. 
  • The breaker or hammer’s critical components are measured against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • The hydraulic breaker’s critical components are magnafluxed for cracks, fissures or other weak points that may interfere with the hydraulic hammer’s performance.
  • All parts not meeting standards are replaced with our premium wear parts along with all seals and diaphragms
  • The hydraulic hammer is reassembled using state of the art pneumatic and hydraulic torque instruments
  • Each of the hydraulic breaker or the hydraulic hammers nitrogen chambers are recharged to factory specifications 
  • The completed hydraulic hammer’s power cell is cycle tested to ensure performance before being re-installed into its protective frame or box

You don’t’ have to chase down a bracket to fit your carrier either, Gorilla can provide the top cap, or mounting bracket, so you can just pin it on or make the grab with your coupler, and go to work.

What do you get?

A reliable breaker that arrives ready to run on your carrier with a 60-120- day limited warranty*

All the specifications, parts breakdowns and technical assistance you need to get it installed

A team of hydraulic hammer specialists backed by a 75 plus year company to support it

Please check out our inventory below, and call a Hammer Advisor™ today to help you select the correct hydraulic breaker for your carrier and the work you do!

hydraulic hammers (rock breakers)



  • New tool bit
  • FULL Flow testing of the machine (Who else can claim this?!)
  • FREE mounting of the hammer within 100 miles of our location
  • 60 days warranty (please, see details of warranty below)
ALLIED 805 (15,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 85,000.00
BTI / TELEDYNE 1675 (5,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
BOBCAT MB550 (skidsteer, 550 ft. lb.) $ 4,500.00
CAT 450 (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
INDECO 650 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-6 (1,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-9 (1,500 ft. lb.) $ 9,500.00
KENT 8G (1,200 ft. lb.) $ 8,500.00
KENT 10G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 12G (2,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT 50G (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 50,000.00
KENT KF-12 (2,000 ft. lb.) $ 13,500.00
KENT KF-22 (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
KENT KF-35 (6,000 ft. lb) $ 35,000.00
KENT KF-45 (8,000 ft. lb) $ 45,000.00
NPK 3X (500 ft. lb.) $ 5,500.00
NPK 7X (2,500 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 15,000.00
NPK 12X (4,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
NPK E-213 (4,000 ft. lb.) $ 24,000.00
NPK E-225 (10,000 ft. lb.) SOLD $ 65,000.00
OKADA 305 (1,250 ft. lb.) $ 7,500.00
ROCKBLASTER RB750G (3,200 ft. lb.) $ 18,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1000G (4,500 ft. lb.) $ 25,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1100 (5,500 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB1500G (8,000 ft. lb.) $ 35,000.00
ROCKBLASTER RB1800 (8,000 ft. lb.) SOLD
ROCKBLASTER RB2000 (10,000 ft. lb.) $ 55,000.00
TRAMAC 900 (3,200 ft. lb.) SOLD




If you are not satisfied
we will credit your full purchase
towards a new hammer that we sell

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