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Hydraulic Hammers (Rock Breakers)

No one knows hydraulic hammers better then us. We maintain our own fleet of 12 excavators with hydraulic hammers on them. Our experience is unparalleled in the heavy construction / demolition equipment industry. We sell hydraulic hammers, and we rent them out. We have for you new and used hydraulic hammers. We service hydraulic hammers and we have replacement parts for them. Choose your hydraulic hammer supplier or servicing company wisely.

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Hydraulic Hammers


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Light to Medium Duty Hammers: GXS60, GXS70, GXS75, GXS90, GXS100

Medium to Heavy Duty Hammers: GXS120, GXS135, GXS150, GXS155, GXS165, GXS175


Extended piston stroke
– Smoother operation
– Minimal repercussion on carrier

Improved properties (piston)
– Improved emergency running properties
– Manufactured with high-quality nickel & vanadium alloy steel

GHB tool
– Exceptional performance and reliability
– Manufactured with high-quality alloy steel

Gas piston accumulator
– Start-up safety
– Power accumulator

Lubrication adequate for entire shift
– Reduced wear and tear
– Consistent availability due to extended maintenance intervals

Cylinder & Valve
– Prevents scoring with precision finishing treatment

Tie rod
– Dynamic screw design prevents damage

– Reduces irregular pulse pressure on hydraulic circuit
– Improved striking power with supply of accumulated gas pressure

Hydraulic Hammer GHB-501

Gorilla’s hydraulic hammer model GHB-501 is comparable to the legendary

Montabert® / Tramac BRH-501
Gorilla also offers a COMPLETE set of replacement parts compatible with
Montabert® / Tramac BRH-501 including Gorilla tool bits.

MONTABERT® is a registered trademark owned by Montabert.
Gorilla Hammers is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or an approved distributor or service center of Montabert.
Also check Gorilla’s offer of COMPLETE set of parts for ROCKRAM hydraulic hammers
including Gorilla’s tool bits for it.


Any parts for the legendary ROCKRAM hydraulic hammers

If a specific model of ROCKRAM hydraulic hammer (rock breaker) is not listed here
just give us a call – we can help you.

Using a Hydraulic Hammer as a Primary Breaker

Rock Products , March 1st, 1998 by Bob Drake

Using a hydraulic hammer instead of explosives to free rock from the quarry face occasionally has been reported in some European operations but is virtually unheard of in North America. However, as hammers and carriers increase in size and durability, sound attenuation is improved, and residential and business developments encroach upon urban quarries, there may be a few applications where hammers work.

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The break down: breakers and hammers take the first steps toward harvesting demolition debris

Construction & Demolition Recycling, March-April, 2005 by Jackie Gubeno

As the concrete recycling industry grows, breakers and hammers are becoming more and more important on job sites. With many companies choosing to recycle concrete on site, breakers have become an integral part of many recycling operations, as well as popular tools for demolition contractors.

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Excavator Pin-to-Pin Quick Couplers (Hitches)

for excavators in the 1 ton to 75 ton machine classes

Change your boom mounted attachments quickly and safely!

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