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SOLIDA – Quality Service

Solida: Superior Forging Technology for Heavy Demolition Bits

Heavy Demolition Wide Chisel and Moil Point

Heavy Demolition Tools from Solida

Heavy Demolition Tools from Solida

Heavy Demolition Tools from Solida

Strong Demolition Tools at Fair Prices with Perfection in Forging Technology

At SOLIDA, we developed a special forging technique in connection with our base metal.

The result is that our tools have peak performance values and peak wear resistance.

Efficient manufacturing processes have made wide chisels and asphalt cutters a genuine


Superior Forging Technology from Combined Microstructure Misconstructure After Mechanical Working
Superior Forging Technology from Combined Microstructure Misconstructure After Mechanical Working

With the certified Quality Management System SOLIDA has a uniformly

structured system in which all production processes are optimally regulated

and documented.

Every single SOLIDA chisel is manufactured with great care.

Compliance with all quality requirements is guaranteed by the

use of first-class steel grades, the very latest technologies and

machinery and a qualified, highly-motivated team.

Quality – with SOLIDA it’s more than just a slogan

A growing number of users, from the most diverse fields of

application, have decided to use SOLIDA – brand chisels. They

want to be sure to receive the optimal margin of power for their

hydraulic hammer.

In order to meet such high standards, SOLIDA has succeeded

in applying the most advanced technologies to satisfy the ever

growing market requirements.

One of the prerequisites in manufacturing a quality chisel is, of

course, the quality grade of steel researched by SOLIDA. All

raw material processed is carefully tested for:

  • gauged for accuracy,
  • surface finish,
  • viscosity,
  • material grain structure.

Only raw material, which has fully met such quality criteria, is

released for processing. SOLIDA’s Quality Assurance System

will then accompany each tool through the various processing

stages. Only tools, which have successfully passed these

Check-ups, will be available for shipment to customers worldwide.

Warranty – taken literally

The SOLIDA Company warrants against defects in

workmanship and material, related to surface finish, dimension

accuracy, and the quality grade of material used. SOLIDA

further warranties expert heat treatment. All such properties

can be tested metallurgically and controlled mechanically.

Improper handling of tools, such as prying, insufficient

lubrication, overheating, or any other non-observance of proper

tool care and usage instructions, but not limited to the

examples stated above, voids this warranty and relinquishes

SOLIDA from any liability.

Independent analyses are being performed by the Institute

“Versuchs- und Prüfanstalt für Werkzeuge e.V.” in Remscheid,


Service – our Customer Care does not stop after delivery!

As a rule, the operating instructions supplied by the hammer

manufacturer are usually sufficient for proper application of

your SOLIDA chisel.

However, in order to find out about special tool applications,

maximize your Solida tool output power, and take full

advantage of SOLIDA’s on-site construction know-how, please

contact SOLIDA for specific advice, before or after you

purchase your tools. It may very well effect your order choice of

the correct tool blade (work end) or assist you in finding out

about optimal chisel usage.

Our customers can fully count on SOLIDA’s active


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