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Hydraulic Rock Breakers & Demolition Equipment in South Carolina

We’re proud to offer our full range of hydraulic hammers and services in South Carolina. As a family-owned business with more than 90 years of experience in the industry, you can count on Gorilla Hammers for all your hydraulic hammer needs. We provide brand new demolition attachments, demolition equipment, wear parts, and hammer repairs in South Carolina. If you’re breaking rock or doing concrete demolition on a new project in South Carolina, keep reading to learn more about our line of Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers; field-tested and proven hydraulic hammers that are readily available and affordable with 24-hour parts support and technical assistance. 

Brand New Hydraulic Hammers for Sale in South Carolina 

At Gorilla Hammers, we offer a wide range of different sized hydraulic hammers for rent or sale in South Carolina. You’ll want to consider the scope of your project before choosing a hammer size. Our light range hydraulic hammers, mostly used in concrete and light trenching/ utility work, reach up to 1,500 ft-lbs and are typically carried by a skid steer, backhoe, or mini excavator.  Medium Gorilla Hammers, typically used for small site preparation, rock breaking, ledge removal, and expansive concrete demolition projects, start at 2,500 ft. lbs. of impact and reach to 5,000 ft. lbs. Larger site preparation, heavily reinforced concrete demolition projects, quarry applications, breaking oversized boulders, and shot rock typically require 6,000 ft-lbs. and larger hydraulic hammers.  For example, to break a 4 cubic yard piece of rock, you’ll need a 7,500-ft. lb. or larger breaker. For a 2 cubic yard piece of limestone, you’ll need a 2,500 – 5,000 ft. lb. breaker to break it in half. Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers are sold to fit every carrier in the market, from Komatsu, Caterpillar, John Deere, and beyond. Sizing your hydraulic breaker properly for your carrier is the first and most important step.  Check out our hammer size guide and talk to one of Gorilla’s Hammer Advisors™ today. 

Re-manufactured Hydraulic Breakers, Replacement Parts, Repairs & Service in South Carolina 

In addition to our new hydraulic hammer line, Gorilla Hammers can save you money with our complete “ready to work” re-manufactured hammer packages.  We have the largest stock of replacement chisels, moil, and blunt demolition tools to fit all makes of hydraulic breakers. If you have an NPK, Allied, Tramac, Rammer, Kent / FRD, Caterpillar or other brand of hydraulic hammer, we can save you money on wear parts over the OEM and perform repairs the right way to put the power back in your hammer in South Carolina. We also provide all the accessories to protect your hammer carrier like Gorilla Goo™ chisel paste, automatic greasers, and cylinder rod protectors.  With years of experience in the industry, Gorilla is your one-Stop Hammer Shop™ for all of your hydraulic breaker needs.   

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If you’re in need of heavy demolition equipment and hydraulic hammers for your next excavation, demolition, or construction project in South Carolina, get in touch with the experts at Gorilla Hammers! We’ll help you find just the right hammer for your project, and ensure you have all the necessary equipment to get started. Give us a call at 1-888-814-6745 or fill out an online form today.