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Gorilla Hammers is proud to offer our Gorilla hydraulic hammers, demolition tool bits, and repair services in Connecticut. With new construction and development in larger cities such as Hartford, New Haven, and Danbury, it’s crucial for the excavation and demolition industries to have quality equipment. With more than 75 years of experience in the hydraulic breaker industry, contractors in Connecticut can count on our team at Gorilla Hammers for reliable equipment and services. We offer our own Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers that are priced far below most large manufacturers, yet are field-proven and supported with 24-hour parts availability-just ask East Pine Bush Equipment / Komatsu America, who has worked with us on breakers in Connecticut for nearly ten years.  Gorilla also offers reconditioned hammers to meet any budget, as well as working steel in chisel, moil, and blunt shapes to fit all makes and models of hydraulic breakers.  To keep your hydraulic breakers running, we have the largest and most experienced hydraulic hammer repair facility in the United States, and offer our field-tested Gorilla Goo™ chisel paste, auto greasers, and cylinder rod covers to protect your excavator from flying rocks.  We’re your one-stop-shop for all things hydraulic hammers! Keep reading to learn more about why contractors in Connecticut choose Gorilla Hammers!

Hydraulic Breakers for Sale & Rentals in Connecticut 

No matter what size project you’re starting, we have hammers of all different sizes to suit your needs. Our hammers range from light-duty for concrete demolition, to medium breakers for projects such as trenching, utility, and rock breaking work, to large, heavy-duty hammers used in quarry work, breaking oversized shot rock, and large-scale excavation and demolition projects.  to break up embedded ledge or granite.  Depending on the scope of your project, our hammer advisors™ will be able to help you find just the right hammer that’ll be suitable for your skid steer, backhoe, mini or full-sized excavator. Check out our Gorilla Hammer brochure here to browse our durable and strong hammers!  Don’t forget, we stock demolition tools, tool bits, and wear parts for all makes such as Caterpillar, Indeco, Allied Rammer, Bobcat, Tramac, NPK and many others.  Give Gorilla a call for ANYTHING you need for your hydraulic breaker.

Reconditioned Hydraulic Hammers in Connecticut

In addition to our brand-new hammers, we also offer reconditioned hammers that are great to save you money, without sacrificing support. With our extensive experience in the industry, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a remanufactured breaker that is ready to work. We’ve been repairing all different types of hydraulic hammers since they were first introduced, performing more than 100 repairs and rebuilds every year. We’re well-equipped to know which hammers are worth repairing, and which are not. Each hammer that we repair goes through a complete evaluation to ensure it meets our highest standards and provides you with a hammer that you can rely on and we’ll stand behind.   All parts of the hydraulic breaker are cleaned for evaluation, measured against the manufacturer’s specifications, and carefully re-assembled with each nitrogen chamber recharged to factory specifications. To learn more about what goes into each re-manufactured hydraulic breaker, check out our closeout inventory page here! 

Hydraulic Hammer Tool Bits, Accessories & Repairs

While our hammers are low-maintenance and empower the customer to be able to perform repairs and maintenance on their own, we’re only a phone call away when you need us! Located south of Boston, we’re not very far away.  Our team specializes in hydraulic hammer repairs to have your hammer up and running properly in no time. We also supply any parts and hammer accessories you may need such as chisel paste, automatic greasers, cylinder rod protectors, and beyond.

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If you’re in need of a hydraulic hammer for your excavation or demolition project in Connecticut, you can count on Gorilla Hammers! Give us a call today at 1-888-814-6745 or fill out an online contact form to get started.