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Our northernmost state on the East Coast, Maine is commonly known for its rocky coastline and ideal fishing waters. Perhaps its most popular claim to fame is the Maine lobster. In addition to its commercial fishing industry, Maine produces agricultural products including poultry, eggs, dairy, cattle, wild blueberries, maple syrup, and beyond.  Maine’s Bath Iron Works has produced ships for the US Navy since 1884, and the logging industry still supplies the raw material to its paper and sawmills. In a state with such a bustling economy and growing population, construction is always taking place. We’re proud to offer our hydraulic hammers and demolition equipment for the excavation, demolition, and quarry industries. If you’re in need of high quality, reliable hydraulic breakers, you can count on Gorilla Hammers! With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, no one knows hammers like us. We offer our own brand of Gorilla hammers, in addition to reconditioned hammers from a number of well-known manufacturers. We also provide all the necessary chisel, moil, and blunt demolition tools, accessories, and parts to keep your hammer running smoothly. If your hydraulic breaker needs a nitrogen charge, repair, or a complete rebuild, we have the most modern repair facility in the Northeast-and are only a short distance from Maine.  Keep reading to learn more about our hydraulic hammers for sale or rent in Maine.

Hydraulic Breakers & Parts in Maine

No matter what size demolition or excavation project you’re working on in Maine Gorilla Hammers has equipment that’ll suit your needs.  We carry hydraulic breakers that range in size from light-medium to heavy-duty in stock to fit anything from a skid steer to a 100-ton excavator. Whether you need it to break concrete, oversized shot rock, excavate a trench, break up the ledge, or granite, we’ll have a hammer that’ll do the job. Backed by a 75-year family business, Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers typically ship within 2 working days from order and can reach Maine in one day.   In addition to our own brand of Gorilla Hammers, we also carry reconditioned hammers from NPK, Kent, FRD, Rammer, Caterpillar, Tramac, Rockram, and numerous others.

Tool Bits, Parts, Accessories & Repair Services

In addition to providing high-quality hydraulic hammers, we’re also a premier supplier of parts and tools necessary to keep your equipment running efficiently. From wear parts like seal kits, diaphragms, and bushings as well as accessories like chisel paste, auto greasers and rod protectors, and beyond, you can find it at Gorilla Hammers. If you’re just looking to get the part, we can sell it to you and provide the technical assistance to install it, or have our Gorilla Service Team ™ take care of your hydraulic breaker so you can keep working.   When you enlist the experts at Gorilla Hammers, you can guarantee that your equipment will be up and running properly in no time. If you’re having trouble with your hydraulic breaker, check out our article regarding some of the most common problems we see and how to troubleshoot them.

Contact Gorilla Hammers

If you’re in need of hydraulic hammers and demolition equipment for your project in Maine, get in touch with Gorilla Hammers-just down the road near Boston-today!  Our experts will be able to help you find the right tools for your scope of work. Give us a call at 1-888-814-6745 to get started.