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Hydraulic Hammers & Demolition Equipment in Chicago

hydraulic hammers in chicagoSitting on the shore of freshwater Lake Michigan, Chicago is a beautiful spot to live. Nearly 2.7 million residents call Chicago home, making it the most populous city in Illinois. The architecture of Chicago is quite notable, with the 2nd tallest building in the Western Hemisphere of the world; Willis Tower. Several other historic buildings, including the Chicago Board of Trade Building, the Fine Arts Building, and the Chicago Saving Banks Buiding make up an impressive skyline. As a city that has greatly preserved its historical architecture, while constantly expanding and building new structures, the construction industry has been booming. Commercial buildings, residential complexes, and historical structures are continuously being renovated and constructed in Chicago. These projects typically require concrete demolition, as well as bedrock and ledge removal to dig foundations or underground parking. If you’re getting ready to break ground on a project in Chicago, we can provide you with heavy demolition equipment including hydraulic hammers, parts, and more. With more than 75 years of experience, we’re a leader in the industry. You can count on us for powerful, reliable, and tough equipment. Keep reading to learn more about the high-quality equipment and services we offer in Chicago. 

Hydraulic Breakers, Parts & Accessories in Chicagohydraulic hammers in chicago

At Gorilla Hammers, we rent and sell both new and used hydraulic hammers for use in the construction and demolition industries. We also service hammers and have replacement parts available for them. In addition to our own brand of hammers, we also provide several other manufacturers including Bobcat, Chicago Pneumatic, and beyond. Our hammers range from small-medium size for lighter duty work, to large hydraulic hammers, typically used for rock and concrete, and large scale demolition projects. To find the hammer that best suits your project, speak with one of our specialists at Gorilla Hammers!

Your hydraulic breaker may also require maintenance and accessories in order to run properly. We provide most of the necessary accessories you’ll need. For example, the lubrication of your hydraulic hammer is essential to avoid damage and potentially ruining your hammer. We provide Gorilla Goo, also known as Chisel paste to provide superior wear resistance between the tool and wear bushings. Read more about some of the other hydraulic hammer accessories we provide here! 

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If you’re in need of hydraulic hammer rentals in the Chicago area, repairs on your equipment, or parts to fix it yourself, we can help! Your local authorized dealer is Merc Group Hammers out of Frankfort Illinois. They can be reached at 312-914-1022!