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If you’re in need of quality, reliable demolition equipment in Vermont, you can count on Gorilla Hammers! With 75+ years in the industry, no one knows hydraulic hammers like us. We’re proud to offer the excavation, demolition, and quarry industries strong and durable equipment that gets the job done efficiently. We provide our own line of Gorilla Hammers for sale, as well as reconditioned hammers, tool bits, parts, accessories, and repair services for all makes and models of hydraulic breakers.  We carry hammers that hit hard for anything from a Toro Dingo to a Case backhoe, to a Doosan DX800, so there is no demolition or excavation project Gorilla can’t help you with.  Just call G Stone Commercial in Middlebury Vermont and they’ll help you determine which size is right for your project. Keep reading to learn more about why contractors in Vermont trust Gorilla Hammers with all their demolition equipment needs! 

Gorilla Hydraulic Hammers in Vermont 

Our Gorilla Hammers series offer maximum impact power with a simple, easy to repair and maintain design that was created with durability in mind.  We carry all different sizes to fit the varying needs of your work. Whether you’re breaking oversized shot rock, breaking concrete, or trenching through ledge, we’ll have a hammer to suit your needs. At Gorilla Hammers, we not only provide our clients with high-quality hammers, but also superior customer service and 24-hour parts availability. While our low-maintenance hammers empower our clients to be able to perform routine maintenance and minor repairs themselves, we’re only a phone call away when you need us!

Reconditioned Hydraulic Hammers in Vermont

We also offer a range of reconditioned hydraulic hammers that are an affordable alternative to contractors that only use hammers occasionally, or want to save on rentals. With Gorilla’s reconditioned hammers, you can save money without sacrificing quality or support. We have the highest hydraulic breaker remanufacturing standards in the industry, and you can be guaranteed that we’ll provide you with a reliable hammer that’s ready to work. Our reconditioned hydraulic hammers go through an extensive process to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications as well own high standards. After testing, we stand behind them with a 60-180 day limited warranty and the technical assistance to help it installed correctly.  Learn more about what you can expect from our reconditioned hydraulic hammers in Vermont! 

Hydraulic Hammer Parts, Tool Bits, Accessories & Repairs 

As the one-stop-shop for everything hydraulic hammers, we’re also the premier supplier of wear parts, demolition tools, working steel, and tool bits for your equipment. We provide the necessary tools and accessories to keep your hammer running safely and efficiently-whatever make and model you have. From chisel paste to rod protectors, lower bushings, tie rods, seal kits, and beyond, we have everything you could need for your hydraulic hammer. Whether you’re looking to buy the part to fix it yourself or have a full-service repair, we can help. Our Gorilla Service Team ™ specializes in repair services to have your hammer up and running again in no time! 

Contact Gorilla Hammers 

If you’re getting ready to break ground on a project in the hard rock of Vermont, you can count on Gorilla Hammers for tough, strong, reliable demolition equipment! Contact G Stone Commercial of Middlebury Vermont today at 802-221-4407 to learn more about our hydraulic hammers, parts, accessories, and repair services, or fill out an online contact form and we’ll get you in touch with a fellow Vermonter!