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Ecobust Drill Guide

Read User Guide and Safety guide before starting your project. These instructions must be followed for the product to work successfully and safely.
First time users are encouraged to contact us.

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The drill pattern required will depend on the object you are breaking and desired size of broken pieces. For further information please contact your local dealer or visit ecobust.com. Equipment required for drilling: rock drill, core drill or substitute, drill bit 1.50″ in diameter, P.P.E. including safety glasses, gloves, and dust mask.


STEP 1: Determine the size of the rock or concrete pieces that are desired for removal. Refer to the drill guide table above for concrete, reinforced concrete and rock.

STEP 2: Using a box grid (#) adjust the grid to suite your needs.

STEP 3: Drill holes along the grid lines using the drill guide table. Ensure that the “hole spacing” conforms to the suggested drill guide table.

HOLE SPACING: The hole spacing refers to the space between the holes along the grid lines. Adjust the spacing based on the hardness of the material. The harder the material, the closer the holes need to be.

HOLE DEPTH: 80% to 90% of the depth. In benching, drill 105% of the depth. Do not drill holes less than 3″ in depth.

FREE SPACE: Always ensure that ECOBUST has a free space to expand into. Create empty relief holes if necessary or drill holes on a minimum 45 degree angle to the sub-straight.

HOLE DIAMETER: For best results use 1.50″ drill bit. (do NOT exceed 2.0″ diameter hole).


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