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Ecobust Safety Guide

Read User Guide and Safety guide before starting your project. These instructions must be followed for the product to work successfully and safely.
First time users are encouraged to contact us.

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Always wear safety glasses, rubber gloves, and dust mask while handling, mixing and pouring. It is important to follow the directions in the Safety and User Guides to avoid potential of “blow outs” and ensure the best results. For larger scale projects, please contact us to determine suitability.

A “blow out” although highly unlikely, is when the product erupts from the filled hole at a high velocity and may cause injury. In order to avoid “blow out” take the following precautions:

  1. Ensure drilled hole size 1.50″ in diameter (do not exceed 2.0″ under any circumstances).
  2. Choose the correct Product Type according to the rock or concrete’s core temperature and ambient temperature, (use temperature chart to determine correct Product Type).
  3. Use cold clean common water.
  4. Fill holes within 10 minutes of mixing.
  5. Mix the ratio of 1.5L of water per 5Kg (11lLb) of product.
  6. Keep product out of direct sunlight and cover with a tarp.
  7. Contact your local dealer with any questions.

Other precautions

  • Make sure everyone working with the product understands the possibility of blow-outs, and has read both the Safety and User Guide.
  • Wear safety equipment and closing.
  • Do not look into filled holes or stand over them at any time.
  • Do not leave excess product in the bucket.
  • Cover holes with a tarp once filled.
  • Stay out of the area where holes have been filled for 7 hours.
  • When mixing, if product begins to steam in the bucket, add water to dilute it.
  • Avoid contact with eyes or skin. If this happens, rinse off with cold water and consult your physician.


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