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Gorilla Hammers is proud to provide our full range of demolition equipment, tool bits, accessories, and repair services in New Jersey. We can get our hammer parts, demolition tools and hydraulic breakers to Newark, Jersey City or Patterson New Jersey in just a day, and have many of our own Gorilla Hydraulic Breakers in service there.   With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, no one knows hydraulic hammers like us. We understand the importance of quality demolition tools for the excavation, demolition, quarry, mining and construction industries. No matter what size project you’re breaking ground on, we’ll have a hammer in stock to suit your needs. We carry light-medium and heavy-duty hammers for all different types of projects, from breaking concrete to oversized shot rock and trenching through ledge or granite.  These demolition attachments are tailored and sized to your skid steer, backhoe, mini excavator or full sized excavator up to 100 tons.   Our inventory includes our own line of Gorilla Hammers, in addition to remanufactured hammers from a variety of brands including NPK, Tramac/Montabert, Indeco, Caterpillar, Allied / Rammer, Chicago Pneumatic, and beyond. If you’re getting ready to break ground on a project in New Jersey, Gorilla Hammers is here to provide you with all the demolition equipment you need. Keep ready to learn more about the tools and services we offer

Hydraulic Hammers for Rent or Sale in New Jersey Hydraulic hammer

At Gorilla Hammers, we offer a wide range of different sized hydraulic hammers for rent or sale in New Jersey. Depending on the scope of the project, our Gorilla Advisors will be able to find you a piece of equipment that is suitable. We aim to empower our customers by providing a low maintenance hammer that can be serviced and inspected by a typical operator. While we’re only a call away if you need repair service, we understand that most contractors would prefer to keep costs low and minimize downtime by using a piece of equipment that they can maintain on their own. With our Gorilla Hammers, you’ll get just that! The advanced design of our hammers was created with durability in mind. Our demolition equipment provides extreme reliability and toughness for any project from concrete breaking and utility trenchwork to site development, quarry and mining.

Hydraulic Hammer Parts & Accessories in New Jersey

We also provide all the necessary tool bits, working steel and accessories that you’ll need to keep your hammer running efficiently and effectively. If your hydraulic hammer needs replacement parts like seal kits, diaphragms, tie rods or bushings, or accessories such as automatic greasers, chisel paste or impact-resistant cylinder rod protectors, you can also count on Gorilla Hammers. We provide demolition chisels, tool bits, accessories and parts that you’ll need! Read more about the other hydraulic breaker accessories we provide here!

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