Beyond heavy lifting: loaders perform a variety of tasks from material handling to primary demolition

Recycling Today,
Nov, 2004 by Deanne Toto

The loaders employed at recycling facilities and at construction and demolition recycling sites perform a variety of material handling tasks, but their usefulness goes far beyond loading processing equipment and outbound trucks.

It's this versatility that many manufacturers are keeping in the forefront as they design the next generation of material handling equipment, whether they be wheel loaders or skid-steer loaders.

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Armed & Ready: the right arsenal of attachments can help a contractor maximize efficiency and profitability

Equipment Focus C&D Recycler,
July-August, 2003 by Deanne Toto

Attachments are the key to successful demolition and recycling operations. Using the right tool for a particular job can increase an operation's efficiency and profitability.

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Right the first time: a crushing equipment supplier offers factors to consider when buying a crusher

Construction & Demolition Recycling,
Sept-Oct, 2004 by Jack Byrne

The following feature is based on a presentation prepared by Jacky Alix of Sandvik AB and edited by Sandvik's Jack Byrne.

Real business don't have money to waste on purchasing the wrong equipment for the job. The decision on what type of crusher to buy in order to meet recycling requirements needs to be correct the first time.

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Your Arsenal: a variety of attachments are being put to work on demolition sites as controlled demolition grows in popularity

Construction & Demolition Recycling,
July-August, 2004 by DeAnne Toto

As controlled demolition--using a high-reach hydraulic excavator fitted with a variety of attachments to carefully demolish a building--gains popularity in North America, so does the importance of having the appropriate battery of attachments to perform a variety of tasks common to many demolition sites.

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