Heavy Demolition Tool Bits: Moil Points, Chisels, Blunt Tools, Asphalt Cutters and more
Heavy Demolition Tools
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Heavy Demolition TOOL BITS

Any heavy demolition tool bit for your hydraulic hammers and breakers: moil point, flat chisel, blunt tool, wide chisel, asphalt cutter, percussion buster, tamping plate, ramming tool.

We have all heavy demolition tool bits for virtually any more or less popular hydraulic hammers (breakers) makes and models: Allied, Allied Street Hammer, Atlas Copco, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Chicago Pneumatic, D & A, Gehl, Huskie, Indeco, JCB, Kent, Komatsu, Kubota, Lifton, NPK, Okada, Rammer, Schaeff, Socomec, Soosan, Stanley, Teledyne, Toku, Toyo, Takeuchi, Tramac - we can continue... Even if you don't see the make or model of your hydraulic hammer for which you want to get a tool bit, please contact us - our specialists will help you to find what you need.


Heavy Demolition Tools Accessories: Chisel Paste, Automatic lubrication System, Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Protector

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Demolition Tools ACCESSORIES

hydraulic hammers (rock breakers) and Other Boom Mounted Heavy Demolition Attachments

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Hydraulic Hammers (Rock Breakers) and
Other Boom Mounted Heavy Demolition Attachments can offer you hydraulic hammers (rock breakers) and other boom mounted heavy demolition attachments. We sell and service demolition products from these two brands and also can provide parts for them. We use our attachments for our rental service. If it works for our rental fleet it will more than likely work for your jobs.

hydraulic hammer Rental Service

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Hydraulic Hammer RENTAL SERVICE

Rent HYUNDAI MD series excavator with Gorilla hydraulic hammer ranging from 1,000 ft. lb. to 10,000 ft. lb.


HYUNDAI MD 160LC-3 excavator with
3 ,200 ft. lb. Gorilla Hydraulic Hammer


HYUNDAI MD 450LC-3 excavator with
10 ,000 ft. lb. Gorilla Hydraulic Hammer

All hydraulic hammers for rent have automatic lubrication system providing continuous automatic flow of grease to give you higher productivity.

RECONDITIONED hydraulic hammers (rock breakers)

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Hydraulic Hammers (Rock Breakers)

Rebuilt, refurbished, reconditioned - whatever you call it, you can get from Gorilla a high quality pre-owned (used) hydraulic hammer in a perfect ready-to-work condition, fully inspected, repaired and (ATTENTION!
Very Important!) tested to meet manufacturers specifications.

Allied, BTI / TELEDYNE, CAT, Indeco, Kent, NPK, Okada, RockBlaster, Tramac ... Please, see the full list of rebuilt hydraulic hammers (rock breakers).

hydraulic hammers Repair Service

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Hydraulic Hammers

Quality parts and components, a lot of experience, hundreds and hundreds of happy customers...

We have a lot of experience in repairing hydraulic breakers (hammers). As a part of our business we rebuild and recondition hydraulic hammers to sell them. The hundreds and hundreds of sold refurbished hydraulic breakers is the proof of the highest quality of our hydraulic hammers repair service.

hydraulic hammers Repair Parts

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Hydraulic Hammers REPAIR PARTS

Bushings, pins, thrust rings, pistons - any "hard" parts for virtually any make and model of hydraulic hammers (rock breakers).

  • PINS

Hydraulic (Plumb) Kits

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Hydraulic (Plumb) Kits

Quality Components, Single-Acting, Double-Acting, Dual Purpose...

No attachment can function effectively on a poorly designed hydraulic circuit. Get a properly designed custom kit from Gorilla. First class engineering and first class components mean you will get the best return on your attachment investment.

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