Heavy Demolition Tools: hydraulic hammers (rock breakers) and Bits

Hydraulic hammers, breakers; boom systems offer secondary breaking options

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April 1st, 2001 by Carrie Asato

In our latest product round-up, we take a closer look at new products available for breaking oversize rock and concrete.

Rammer's Z250 Zoom Boom breaker boom system can be used with stationary or wheel and track-mounted mobile recycling crushers. It is built around S22, S23 or S25 hydraulic hammers that deliver an impact energy of up to 565 ft-lb, equivalent to 481 ft-lb under the CIMA rating system. The 200- to 400-kg class hammers are mounted on a special low-profile boom that adds 220 mm to the height of the carrier machine.

The extendible boom offers a reach of 2.5 meters, allowing the boom system to reach both the crusher and feeder if necessary. The system is powered by Rammer HA 18.5 hydraulic power pack, delivering the required 65 l/min hydraulic oil flow to power both the hammer and the pedestal slew and swing functions. To eliminate the weight of an additional power pack, the system is often connected directly to the crusher's hydraulic circuit. Its functions are controlled via a systems of valves. An electro-hydraulic remote control with a two-joystick hydraulic control linked to the machine via cables is also available. The third control option is a wireless 450 MHz remote control option with the ability to stop and start the power pack.

The 14,550-lb G 130 Rammer hydraulic hammer is designed for carriers in the 60- to 100-ton class. The unit develops an impact energy of 7,116 ft-lb using the CIMA rating system. This represents a 4% improvement over the G 120, the company said. It also is equipped with the company's sound suppression system, reducing noise emissions to 85 dBa.

It is also piped for the company's dust suppression package. The use of a dust-proof housing, dust-proof tool retaining pin locking system and the optional Ramlube automatic lubrication system all reduce wear, the company said. The unit delivers 300 to 400 bpm.

The company's G 110 hammer is designed for use on carriers in the 88,000 to 154,000 lb weight range. The 8,400-lb hammer can provide 280 to 650 bpm.

Rammer offers 20 pedestal boom breaking systems designed for use on mobile and stationary crushers up through large grizzly and gyratory crushing systems. The C Series, typically used on mobile units, provides a horizontal reach to 20.3 ft and a vertical reach to 18.4 ft. The S and M Series, typically used in crushing plants and grizzly applications, support large hammers and provide a horizontal reach to 21.7 ft and a vertical reach to 19.4 ft. The L and XL Series booms have a maximum 40-ft-horizontal reach and 34.8-ft vertical reach. They are suitable for use in large grizzly and gyratory crushing applications, with the XL Series being able to carry a 3-ton hammer, the company said.

The new XM Series features six standard and three heavy duty configurations. Operating weights are from 14,200 to 17,200 lb. Depending on the model, horizontal reach ranges from 18.4 to 32.2 ft and vertical reach from 15.7 to 27.9 ft. Recommended hammers are the E series as well as the G80.

Indeco introduced a series of stationary boom systems featuring three sizes that accept breakers in the 500- to 5,500-ft-lb energy class. The series features base plates from 40 ¥ 40 in. to 60 ¥ 60 in., motors up to 75 hp, a 360° swing rotation, horizontal reach up to 25 ft, an oversized Rotec bearing with gear drive and replaceable nylon bushings at all pivot points. The company's breakers have an auto-variable speed system that senses density of the material to be broken and adjusts the speed and power. The unit has a power greasing system on the MES1750 and above, and a dual shock absorption system to eliminate recoil, the company said.

Indeco launched its website: www.indeco-breakers.com. The site will serve as a sales and marketing tool for company dealers as well as a service for contractors interested in purchasing or renting Indeco equipment.

Tramac's V1600 hydraulic breaker is a variable impact hammer that can be mounted on excavators weighing between 22 and 45 tons. It features the company's V-technology and the TPS tool protection system. TPS prolongs tool life with a re-engineered front guide, bushings, tool and retainer pins which allow only the strongest points of the tool to take the stresses, according to the company.

The company added the 300 hydraulic breaker to its medium range of hammers, including the 600, 700 and 900. It is designed specifically for mid-size loader backhoes and small excavators.

Tramac added the V65 hydraulic breaker to its line of variable speed breakers. Built for carriers from 100,000 to 160,000 lb, the breaker has a striking rate of 380 to 950 bpm. It works with flows of 100 to 111 gpm at 2,400 psi of pressure. The V65 is 138 in. in height with a tool diameter of 7.95 in.

Tramac CDB Series Stationary Booms come in standard lengths of 13, 16 and 20 ft. Options include hydro-electric controls and hydraulic power units.

AT Attachment-Technologie, a new company in the Technologies segment of the ThyssenKrupp Group, offers hammers to 882 lb for attachment to carriers up to 13 mt. The hammers are equipped with a vibration-damping and silencing system. A wear-protection system prevents damage to the percussion mechanism during use.

Krupp Berco Bautechnik's HM 2600 hydraulic hammer is designed for mounting on carriers in the 45- to 75-mt class and weighs 4.1 tons. It replaces the HM 2500 model and features the StartSelect system, which offers two settings “easy start-up” and “automatic shut-off.” Operating at a pressure of 160 to 180 bar and an oil flow rate of 250 to 320 l/min, it has the same hydraulic input data as the HM 2500.

Breaker Technology offers the RC Series portable breaker system for the recycle and light aggregate markets. The system consists of a breaker boom assembly, hydraulic breaker, electric hydraulic remote control and immersion heater, as well as customer selected options. Available in four model sizes, the series features a compact base with oversize bolts and Power Pack with variable displacement pump with pressure and return line filters.

The TB1280X hydraulic breaker from BTI is rated at 5,500 ft-lb and replaces the TB1430X. Features are two moving parts, a nitrogen-filled cushion chamber, long piston design and two replaceable tools bushings.

Allied Construction Products introduced the AS Series hammer line. Model AS 380 has a energy rating of 522 ft-lb. It can be mounted on a 12,000- to 25,000-lb rubber-tired backhoe/loader or a 15,000- or 30,000-lb excavator.

Universal Impact Technologies' line of Terminator Rock Breakers include the highest impact energy of any breaker on the market and top out at 75,000 ft-lb of energy per blow, according to the manufacturer. They mount easily to either an excavator or rubber tired loader. The breakers do not use accumulators or require re-sealing. The company claims the breakers typically need only 3% to 5% of the blows to break a rock compared to hydraulic hammers.

The Caterpillar large hydraulic hammer line encompasses eight hammer models that are suited for mounting on excavators ranging in weight from 26,400 to 88,000 lb. The hammers range in weight from 2,200 to 8,360 lb. The heavy-duty box-section housing design dissipates prying loads to protect tie rods, hammer body and front end for longer life.

The vibration dampening design reduces stress transmission to the stick and boom. An integrally mounted accumulator dampens hydraulic pressure peaks to protect the carrier, and it assists the power stroke of the hammer. A variety of Caterpillar hammer tools are available to match each hammer.

Surestrike International offers the model 1100, 2100, 4000, and 6000 Surestrike impact hammers. All hammers can be used with standard pin on couplers or quick attach systems for rapid change over. The largest of the Surestrike hammers hits with 75,000 ft-lb of single blow impact energy. The 1100 model has an operating weight of 6,300 lb and maximum operating pressure of 3,000 psi. The 2100 weighs 10,925 lb and single blow impact energy of 28,600 ft-lb. The 4000 and 6000 hammers weigh 15,850 lb and 23,450 lb, respectively.

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