Heavy Demolition Tools: hydraulic hammers (rock breakers) and Bits

Allied Shows Off Newest Wares at Cleveland Demo Event

Construction Equipment Guide,
August 24th, 2005

Allied Construction Products LLC held a demo event for its new line of m- and in-Series hydraulic hammers and Ho-Pac plate compactor attachments on July 20 at the company's Marblehead Testing Grounds in Lakeside/Marblehead, OH.

m-Series Modules Can Be Rebuilt Separately
The Rammer m-Series hydraulic hammer has been added to Allied's full product line.
The m-Series hammers are built with a modular design made up of three major components - housing, impact and tool modules. With this all new modular design, maintenance is quicker, rebuilding is easier and all modules can be overhauled separately.
The m-Series hammers feature:

  • Modular design that allows three modules to be overhauled separately
  • Adjustable impact energy to match working conditions for optimal performance
  • Constant Blow Energy(CBE) that guarantees that all blows are at full power
  • Higher power to weight ratio with a heavier piston delivering more impact energy
  • Easy start or auto-shut-off
  • Ramlube that ensures continuous greasing to both bushings in all conditions
  • No tie rods or tie bolts, and
  • Slip-fit lower and upper tool bushings that are easily maintained and require no special tools
The m-Series hammers are available in two models - the model 14 and the model 18. The model 14 requires 48 gpm at 2,321 psi and breaks at a rate of 1,000 blows per minute. The model 18 requires 58 gpm at 2,321 psi and breaks at a rate of 800 blows per minute.
Mounted on excavators, the m-Series hydraulic hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations, pavement, trench rock and oversize rock.

Join the "in-Crowd"
The in-Series hammers are built to meet the growing demands of the rental market and offer contractors the most up-to-date hammer technology. The most distinctive feature of the in-Series hydraulic hammers is a massive trapezoidal tool that offers considerable benefits over traditional small hammer tools. This non-breakable tool provides extended service-life combined with increased productivity.
The in-Series hammers feature:

  • A massive, trapezoidal tool that is unbreakable
  • Minimal, maintenance (no greasing)
  • No tie-rods; No tie-bolts; No side-bolts
  • No steel tool bushings (one bushing made of composite wear-resistant material)
  • A compact design for narrow work areas
  • No day-to-day nitrogen-gas checking or charging, and
  • An innovative mounting bracket (two brackets in one).
The in-Series hammers are available in four models - the model 8, model 11, model 15 and model 22 - ranging from a working weight of 152 to 453 lbs., operating pressures from 2,030 to 2,175 psi, oil flows from 3 to 18 gpm and blows per minute from 1,800 to 2,100.
Mounted on a mini-excavators, skid steers and backhoes, the in-Series hydraulic hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations and pavement.

The Extreme Ho-Pac - A New Generation of Compacting
The all-new extreme Ho-Pacs - models 500, 1000, 1600 and 2300 - now deliver more impact energy, multiple bolt-on base plates, an errorless, four-function valve, a variety of mounting configurations and maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication.
The advantages of the all-new generation of extreme Ho-Pacs include:

  • A larger eccentric with the mass further away from the shaft centerline that helps to increase impulse and compaction force
  • Oil splash that provides maintenance-free (no greasing) bearing lubrication
  • A base plate that can be unbolted easily to allow replacement with a different size (wider or narrower) or custom attachment
  • New hose routing for better protection against sheared or damaged hoses
  • Worry-free "plug-and-go" installation
  • Tough-coat hoses that prevent cuts and extend ear-life
  • A four-function valve that controls flow, pressure, regeneration and oil flow direction, and
  • A variable Mounting System(VMS) providing a variety of mounting configurations (except Model 500) to "custom-fit" to most carriers
Using an eccentric , rotating weight that creates vibration and impulse energy, the carrier-mounted Ho-Pac provides the needed forces for effective soil compaction and driving.

The Ho-Pac features specifically-designed rubber mounts that direct the energy forces to the compaction plate, not the carrier's boom.

Static downpressure and the high impulse vibration forces produced by the Ho-Pac are ideal for compacting granular materials. The vibrations generate stress waves, which bring the soil's air and moisture to the surface. As a result, the soil particles are rearranged, compressed and compacted. These same forces also effectively compact cohesive materials.

As a compactor, Ho-Pacs are ideal for trench, slope and excavation compaction. They are also suited for compacting waste materials and for breaking up frozen coal. An optional swivel-top mounting bracket permits precise positioning of the Ho-Pac without repositioning the carrier.

As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a faster, less-expensive technique for driving wood, steel an aluminum sheeting, H and I beams, piling, posts and sea walls.

The Allied Ho-Pacs operate off of the machine's own hydraulic system and reach out to work anywhere the machine's boom can reach. And, the Ho-Pacs interchange with the machine's bucket in minutes. An optional swivel-top mounting bracket permits precise positioning of the Ho-Pacs without repositioning the carrier.

Because it's both a compactor and a driver, the Allied Ho-Pacs permit even the smallest contractor or municipality to have this dual capability available.

The all-new generation of extreme Ho-Pacs are rugged, versatile and reliable.

Allied Construction Products LLC is a leader in innovative construction product technology. Through more than 200 U.S. and Canadian distributors, Allied offers a complete line of backhoe/excavator, skid steer and mini-excavator mounted attachments, stationary breaking and material handling systems and trenchless underground piercing tools.


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